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Intensive 2 day in-person workshopSessions run 9am - 5pmCondensed version of BUIDL BootcampAll code in Python$500Join the BUIDL Bootcamp alumni Slack community upon completion


Build a hardware walletWrite Bitcoin network crawler that discovers and visits every node in the networkImplement naive initial block download


Complete an "Introduction to Python" such as Codecademy's, or equivalent experience

Locations & Dates

January 14-15 in Miami, FL


just me

Justin Moon

If you're curious about my teaching style, check out this 10 hour Youtube playlist from BUIDL Bootcamp. We implement a mini-Bitcoin in from scratch in Python.I organize Austin Bitcoin Developers meetupI previously taught a free class about programming on the Bitcoin P2P layer (videos | code). We'll cover some of this in the Workshop.I host Bits & Bolts, a new YouTube show about hands-on BUIDLingFollow me on Twitter

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The invoice will be for $760 or equivalent in Bitcoin at current exchange rates. The course materials will cost an additional $40, which gives a total of $800. You will directed to buy these online before the course starts.

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